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Design Process

Your projects success is our goal. 

All projects at Wingates undergo an initial review and Proof of Concept. This initial stage could include an initial Bulk & Location, Yield study that leads to an establishment of brief and the process ahead.

Proof of Concept is closely followed by Concept Design. First design iteration thoughts are tested and moulded, refined and presented to you the client for feedback and approval. There may be several iterations before moving to the next stage.

Preliminary Design is where final refinements occur, with a clear understanding of the projects size, complexity and materiality made ready for Resource Consent application. We look to work collaboratively with external consultants to achieve on your aspirations in an efficient and effective manner. A typical programme becomes clear at this point assisting with timeframe and costs moving forward.

The following stages are where further input from consultants occur, with additional detail added progressively for Building Consent and Construction onsite. Quality control including BIM management is applied consistently throughout all stage.

At all times we seek to find strength through the design process as we look to deliver places that truly matter.