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Elizabeth Cafe and Larder

  • NZIA Waikato Bay of Plenty : Interior Architecture
Year Completed
Elizabeth Cafe and Larder 4

Project Details

On the corner of Cameron Road and Elizabeth Street the Elizabeth Cafe and Larder services the 9000m2 of office accommodation and is also open to the public. The idea is that it feels like an open space that relates to three sides being both roads and the main entryway to the Building that the cafe sits within. Looking in, it recesses into the corner and offers warmth, light and life without putting its inhabitants in full display. Internal fixed furniture such as counters, large tables and a fireplace are positioned to manage the spaces in-between and provide precincts for the particular function required. This may be around a table with a group, individually with an I-pad or casually on a lounge chair.

The high ceiling has been pared back to the concrete ceiling with a floating spine ceiling masking air conditioning and other plant apparatus also adding to the different volumes of space. The food display and POS are designed to cater for the peak hour rush as well as casual dining and Wingates worked closely with the Chef and operators to ensure the prep, wash and cooking areas were as required.

Elizabeth Cafe and Larder 5
Elizabeth Cafe and Larder 2
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