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New World Browns Bay

  • BEST Award Finalist : Retail Environments
Year Completed
New World Brown-s Bay - 7

Project Details

Whilst most of Browns Bay’s built context consists of narrow buildings presenting small frontages to the street, this site, and the nature of the building type lends itself to being a single form with a large frontage.

In order to respond to and maintain the nature of the existing context, the proposed building has been conceived as three gable ended buildings running north/south with the gables addressing Inverness Road and Anzac Road. This divides the building into narrower parts, similar in width to its neighbours. This division is further accentuated by differing cladding types on each gable. Each form takes on its own expression whilst maintaining the character of the building as a whole.

New World Brown-s Bay - 8
New World Brown-s Bay - 2
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