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PAK'nSAVE Warkworth

  • BEST Awards Finalist: Retail Environments
Year Completed
Jono Parker
JP1 0168
PnS Exterior entrance

Project Details

Beginning in early 2019, this PnS2.0 project encapsulated the next progression of shopping at PakNSave and situated in Warkworth, which has become an increasingly pivotal location in the growth of Auckland. As part of our continuation to embrace the evolving behaviours and expectations surrounding food and grocery retail in Aotearoa New Zealand, we sought to deliver a design that was both functional and pared back to reflect the low-cost brand image portrayed by PaknSave to its customers and the overall community.

We were passionate about creating an unparalleled supermarket environment and shopping experience that places the customer at the very heart of its design. The result has been to achieve a perfect balance between the commercial demands of a large-format retail operation and the intrinsic social nature of food and beverage retail that seeks to forge and deepen relationships and customer experience.

Our Design team were entrusted with the task of redefining what a PaknSave supermarket truly means—a place that elevates how we live as individuals and fosters a strong sense of community through our shared love of food. Our response was to create an enjoyable marketplace atmosphere, enriching the customer experience and cultivating a vibrant sense of community. To accentuate and humanize the marketplace concept, we employed a spectrum of contrasting materials and volumes throughout the store. Open marketplace style areas have been created where fixture arrangements can be flexible depending on what produce is in season or what special offers are on. All services are run overhead to facilitate this flexible space.

Considerable work has been done into the perception of a PaknSave store. To reflect this brand standard in the architecture, the materials selected were simple, functional and cost effective. We used functional materials in a way that integrates the architecture of the supermarket so that there is nothing superfluous about the design. This is one of the first PaknSaves to have glass doors on all refrigeration cabinets. All meat, produce, milk and chilled foods have been placed here and is a response to Foodstuffs move towards ensuring energy efficient buildings. There is a significant load reduction in the use of electricity for running the cabinets with doors. Humidity and temperature in the store are now easier to control as the regions of refrigeration are more contained. The layout and flow played a pivotal role in establishing a comfortable and uplifting environment. Carefully positioned internal fixtures and racking optimized sight lines whilst seamlessly guiding customers through the store, enticing them to engage with the products.

PnS Warkworth is more than just exceptional design; it mirrors the quality of products while delivering a convenient and enjoyable customer experience for all that is not too ostentatious. By exposing them to new experiences and products, we create a dynamic tapestry of exploration. Celebrating the theatre of our operations, with our fresh offerings taking centre stage, and curating a market space that customers eagerly anticipate visiting, these are the key elements setting the PnS2.0 experience apart from the competition.

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