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Pararekau Island

Pararekau Island - 1

Project Details

A client has presented us with a unique site offering an opportunity to create a world leading integrated later living community. The site, which is on it’s own island, provides the opportunity to create a truly inter-generational environment offering a choice of living types and an environment that caters for the residents and family members alike. This will assist in offering change with its residents, where living will transition from normal day-to-day life in your own home to moving into an independent apartment, then into assisted care, or higher care.

The opportunity to create a later living housing and care facility in this location has driven the client and design teams desire to develop an enduring and aspirational community of this type. The offering is to include a mix of high-quality villas, apartments, care facilities and communal spaces.

This will create an environment that encourages social interaction and the different living and care facilities assist in providing an interactive and active component as well.

Landscaping includes a public pedestrian pathway around the perimeter of the island including connecting pathways across the island to bring the community into the village.

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Pararekau Island - 2
Pararekau Island - 3