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  • NZIA Waikato Bay of Plenty : Architecture Award
Year Completed
Amanda Aitken
SIMS - 3

Project Details

Designed to house over 6,000m2 of warehouse, showrooms and office space the development successfully achieves the challenging functional requirements of a large storage and distribution building, as well as creating a vibrant and enjoyable open office space.
The building was designed as two separate forms connected by a large light filled atrium that clearly denotes the entrance, acts as a central spine linking the two functionally different spaces together.
The open plan office benefits from full height glazing to three elevations which creates a light airy atmosphere. The northern elevation is articulated with vertical sun blades which control the mid-day shading, enhancing the main street view.
The building achieves a prominent and unique identity within Tauranga which fulfils the client’s diverse needs.

SIMS - 4
SIMS - 1
SIMS - 5