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DHB Building 2

Year Completed
Amanda Aitken

Project Details

The building is a part of the 17th Avenue Business Park, set amongst a number of other buildings designed by Wingates. We have Masterplanned the whole of the site and this was the 5th building to be constructed. There is a continuation of materiality and general form in keeping with the rest of the development but this was the first 2 storey building to be constructed. We worked with Classic Developments, the tenant and eventually, the tenants fitout designer to customise the building to their requirements.

The tenant is BOP DHB which already occupied another building on the site which is adjacent to Tauranga Hospital. The basebuilding layout also needed to be flexible enough to safeguard the owners risk around a change in tenant in the future.

There were geotechnical challenges to be overcome initially as the majority of the site is reclaimed land. We worked with the Structural Engineers to develop a simple lightweight structural frame with isolated piling only where required.

The building responds to the levelled end of 17th Avenue, as a lineal building, emphasising simplicity of detail and form. Elements of the design link with existing buildings, creating an architectural dialect, which will repeat in further up-coming buildings. The rhythmic repetition of structure and windows forms with the shape of openings framed views and plentiful controlled sun and daylight to the workspaces.

dhb 2
dhb 2
dhb 2